Some ideas are stored as subhyphae of this hypha. There is also a Kanban board on Github for tracking development.

Some of the transcluded hyphae do not exist. It's ok. The ideas just haven't been written down yet.



It has been decided that a mycomarkup library is needed. You can read the original thoughts on the topic below; they shall be removed once they lose their value.


There are only two requirements for a wiki: hyperlinks and editability. The rest is an afterthought. It only makes sense that a great attention is paid to hyperlink capabilties. In this article I'll express some improvements I'm willing to make.


Perhaps, one day, I'll add wysiwyg editor for gemtext to MycorrhizaWiki.


noinclude {} is a tag that surrounds markup that will never be transcluded.


Some form of TODO elements is desired.


Wiki should to support HTML <ruby> tags. I suggest this syntax:

Hypha idea/new_transclusion_ranges does not exist



Look at the name of this engine. Mycorrhiza. In real world, mycorrhiza is a connection between mycelia and roots of plants which is profitable for both sides. I've chosen this name for a reason: I always wanted wikis running MycorrhizaWiki to connect with the rest of the internet.


An importer is a thing that can import a piece of content pointed by an URL to a hypha. Since MycorrhizaWiki is written in a compiled language, we can't just include importers in it, we have to either compile it in or communicate with it using some protocol. That's what we are going to do.


Fediverse is a union of different federated services like social networks, video hostings, etc running different protocols. According to the-federation.info, there are 48 projects in the network running 14 different protocols on more than 8000 nodes.

Other features


A wiki is a form of an information storage. A reader wants to be able to get to any place of it quickly. Therefore, searching is an important thing.

Hypha idea/backlinks does not exist


Obviously, there are cases when raw mycomarkup text will not be the best option. For some things, other forms of hypermedia shall be used. Thus, dynamic hyphae may be introduced in the future.