🍄IdeaSvg Draw

When taking notes in paper, you can just draw anything. This freedom is taken away when using textarea-based wikis, such as MycorrhizaWiki. Indeed, you can embed pictures using mycomarkup. But it's not handy.

Here's how you insert a drawing:

  1. Make a drawing in an external program.

  2. Save the drawing in any of the supported formats.

  3. Attach it to a hypha.

  4. Embed it in a different hypha.

Tiresome! Here's the idea: you can click a button titled Insert drawing and a graphics editor fires up. Once you finish the drawing, it saved as a subhypha drawing ## and an img{} block is created.

Pictures created by this editor shall be vector, therefore, svg. The editor will be quite limited to make you focus on the real stuff.

  • 7 colors: main, inverse, 5 accents. No more. Colors may change depending on the theme.

  • One brush.

  • Drawing tablet support.

  • Some basic layers?

  • Picture import?

It can implemented by one person in a month.