Deploying a Mycorrhiza wiki is quite simple. This article will guide you through the process of getting your wiki up and running.

The rest of the instruction assumes you're using a POSIX-compatible operating system. If you're using Windows or other obscure OS, good luck, no one bears the knowledge of using Mycorrhiza Wiki on them. The process will be similar though.

First, you have to get an executable to run. There are several options available.

Pre-built releases

Download. Pick a release on GitHub and download the proper executable for you system.

Install. Put it into your $PATH (paths like /usr/bin/ or /usr/local/bin/ work the best). You should also rename the file to mycorrhiza.


  • Nix. Git repository with package and Home-Manager module (NixOS module WIP). Also, as for 2021-10-14, the package is also in staging channel of Nixpkgs.

  • AUR. You can install Mycorrhiza Wiki from AUR using your favorite package manager on any Arch Linux-derivative distro (Arch, Manjaro, Garuda, etc):

    # Build from sources:
    yay -S mycorrhiza
    # ...or use pre-built binaries from the Github Releases page:
    yay -S mycorrhiza-bin
  • Docker. You can run Mycorrhiza Wiki in Docker using Dockerfile from the Git repository:

    git clone https://github.com/bouncepaw/mycorrhiza.git
    cd mycorrhiza
    # Build the image:
    docker build -t mycorrhiza .
    # Now create a new container:
    docker run -v /path/to/wiki:/wiki -p 8080:1737 mycorrhiza
  • Gentoo. Ebuilds are available in BratishkaErik’s repo.


You can build Mycorrhiza yourself.


Go is a programming language Mycorrhiza Wiki is written in. You need a recent version of Go installed. Get it at Go’s website or from your OS' software repos. Do not forget to set your $GOPATH (to ~/go, for example) and put $GOPATH/bin in $PATH.

Git is a version control system. You probably have it installed. If not, consult your OS' repos or download from the official Git website.

Getting the source code

Visit the GitHub repository. You can download a .zip archive by clicking Code » Download ZIP or use this command:

git clone https://github.com/bouncepaw/mycorrhiza.git


Run go build. You will end up with an executable named mycorrhiza. This is the program you need. Put it in your $PATH.


Example wiki

There is an example wiki with several simple hyphae. You can clone it and base your wiki from it.


To start a wiki, run:

mycorrhiza path/to/your/wiki

The directory for your new wiki will be created automatically, and all relevant Git settings will be set.

Run mycorrhiza -help to see a short summary of configuration options.

Further reading