🍄File Structure

Instead of letting users figure everything out by themselves, we think of the best (in our opinion) file layout and force it onto the users and remove the possibility of configuring it.

What is inside the Structure


The whole wiki is inside one directory or inside one of its subdirectories. Only the Mycorrhiza binary itself and Git (and possible future runtime dependencies) might be outside that directory. That directory (called root directory) can have any name.


  • wiki.git/ is a valid Git repository. If it is not present or is not a valid Git repository, the engine shall fail to work. When the Wizard is implemented, the engine will offer to make the Git repository.

  • cache/ contains temporary files such as user token caches. Wiki administrators can safely delete this directory and expect the wiki to continue working. In the future, stuff like pre-rendered HTML can be stored here.

User configuration

  • registered-users.json contains a JSON array of all registered users. The engine will edit this file, and the administrators should not edit by themselves, unless they really want to.

  • fixed-users.json contains a JSON array of all fixed users. Wiki administrators will edit this file by themselves.

Wiki configuration

  • config.ini is the main configuration file.


  • static/ contains files you can access through URL /static/<filename>. Some files are special:

    • static/favicon.ico is the Favicon as you know it.

    • static/common.css redefines the built-in CSS, the Common style.

    • static/custom.css is sent to the user after the Common style.