🍄EssayWhy 1737

Mycorrhiza Wiki uses 1737 as the default HTTP port. Why not 8080, 8000 or whatever everyone else is using? Well, there are reasons.

The reason for choosing a different port is the inspiration from Gemini (See CommunityWiki:Gemini). It is using port 1965, the year when the Gemini mission was sent to space. u/Bouncepaw thought it was cool and wanted something like that.

There were two requirements for the port number:

  1. It must be above 1024, so it is not a privileged port and can be used by normal users, not just superusers.

  2. It must be somehow related to mycology.

Looking through the mycology history, Bouncepaw found an important date on Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

The start of the modern age of mycology begins with Pier Antonio Micheli's 1737 publication of Nova plantarum genera. Published in Florence, this seminal work laid the foundations for the systematic classification of grasses, mosses and fungi.

Other sources state that the real date of publication is 1729, and it is probably true, but 1737 looks much better.

That's why 1737 is used.