Some essays on Mycorrhiza Wiki, wikis in general and related stuff.

Design decisions


You may wonder why in the world is Mycorrhiza Wiki called like that. Read this article to learn why.


We are angry and rageful people, thus we reject a lot of features. Here we try to list them all.


Many people claim that Mycorrhiza Wiki does not follow Semantic Versioning when they look at the amount of breaking changes in our releases. They are right, of course.


Mycorrhiza Wiki uses 1737 as the default HTTP port. Why not 8080, 8000 or whatever everyone else is using? Well, there are reasons.


Mycorrhiza Wiki uses its own markup language called Mycomarkup. Why invent yet another markup in the age when there are hundreds of them? Why not just use Markdown? This hypha answers that and tells about design principles of Mycomarkup.