🍄Mycorrhiza Wiki

Mycorrhiza Wiki is an open-source wiki engine developed by Bouncepaw , who is assisted by other open-source contributors.

This website is an instance of the engine which runs one of the latest versions.

Here are some features of the engine:

  • No database required, everything is stored as simple files. It simplifies installation and makes it easy to modify the content using other means such as direct file editing.

  • Everything is hyphae. A hypha is a unit of content such as a picture, video or a text article. Hyphae can transclude and link each other resulting in a tight network of hypertext pages.

  • Nesting of hyphae is supported. A tree of related hyphae is shown on every page.

  • History of changes for text parts of hyphae. Every change is safely stored in Git . Web feeds for recent changes included!

  • Keyboard-driven navigation. Press ? to see the list of shortcuts.

  • Mycomarkup , a custom-made markup language.

  • Optional authorization .

  • Opengraph support.

Quick start


mycorrhiza path/to/wiki

It will:

  1. Initialize a Git repository and set useful defaults

  2. Prepopulate the config file

  3. Run a server on :1737

Simple as that. Want more? Learn more in the deployment guide . By the way, this wiki runs Mycorrhiza, too.

Community and development

You can follow the development on GitHub . There is a mirror on sourcehut .

There is an IRC channel #mycorrhiza on irc.libera.chat and a group in Telegram @mycorrhizadev where most of the stuff is discussed. Consider supporting the development on Boosty .

See instances for a list of publicly hosted wikis running Mycorrhiza Wiki.